Dr. Frederico Fernandes office is located within the Alexander Diogenes Clinic, one of the most modern in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (in the Brazilian Northeast), and has a team of skilled and experienced professionals. On this page there are several options to contact us: write, like, follow and and clarify your questions or send us your suggestions!


Dr. Frederico Fernandes Plastic Surgery and Beauty
Alexandre Diógenes Dentistry and Medicine Clinic
322 Duodécimo Rosado Street    Nova Betânia
Zip Code 59603-020    Mossoró City, RN    Brazil


e +55 (84) 9-8126-0770 [Appointments]
+55 (84) 3321-4918 [General]

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Monday to Friday: 08h00 to 18h00

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322 Duodécimo Rosado St    Nova Betânia    Zip Code 59603-020    Mossoró City, RN    Brazil    e +55 (84) 9-8126-0770    +55 (84) 3321-4918