Currently, details are important to do a good role in the profession and in relationships in general. When we need or we want to make a good impression, a good aesthetic body is highly recommended.

Plastic surgery harmonizes the body of people with the aim of improve appearance or correct imperfections that may impair psychological aspects and of the social life. After all, we all deserve to have a beautiful appearance and maintain a good quality of life.

When he is not in the surgery room, Dr Frederico Fernandes attends in the Clínica Alexandre Diógenes, located in Nova Betânia neighborhood, in Mossoró/RN. It is in your office where you will clarify all doubts about your surgery or beauty treatment, listen to their advices about what is bothering you and know in detail the planning of the procedure to be adopted.

Our Mission

Provide Beauty and Plastic Surgery services with a high standard of safety for you that want to improve their appearance and quality of life.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Fachada da Clínica
Clinic located in the neighborhood of Nova Betânia in Mossoró City, RN, Brazil

Structure and services

With a very modern structure, the clinic has a comfortable and acclimated facilities, individual room operated patients, medical dressing room and surgical procedures, sterilization center, private parking, security, broadband internet wi-fi and flexible service with appointment.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Recepção da Clínica
Reception: comfortable and air-conditioned
Dr Frederico Fernandes | Recepção da Clínica
Reception with internet: while you are waiting, you can connect by our computer or access the wi-fi network with your notebook or mobile phone

  Great facilities, differentiated service, interrelated specialties, committed team and respect for you: these are some of the ingredients who made the clinic one of the main of State of Rio Grande do Norte.  


Many patients ask about risks in surgery, unfortunately all surgery has some, but usually they are generally predictable and controllable. Despite not being able to guarantee absolute security, we give full support to increase comfort and well-being of our patients. For this, we provide a range of resources and services designed to provide maximum safety.

Thus, it is important to emphasize that:

Your Plastic Surgeon is a Member of the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica (SBCP) and has a team of specialized and experienced professionals.

Always ask for detailed preoperative clinical examinations because nothing can go blank.

Operate only in hospitals that are supported by the Intensive Care Unit and approved by government agencies such as the Conselho Regional de Medicina (Regional Council of Medicine) and Vigilância Sanitária (Health Surveillance).

Your surgery is done in a surgical center with support for possible complications and always with the presence of an anesthesiologist.

All surgical material we use is the first line, with high quality yarns and resistance.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Sala de Esterilização da Clínica
Central sterilization

Medical ethics

The commitment and respect for the patient, their family members and colleagues of the profession are the foundation of our work. With many years of tradition, the clinic has guided all professionals at the highest standard of service and care to always carry out their activities with diligence.

All are trained to ensure maximum discretion and privacy of each patient. We have luggage for each individual patient operated, special times and guarantee suitable environment, with limited number of people, for a minimal exposure on the day of your surgery.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Sala Pós-Operatório da Clínica
Single room post-surgery: discretion and privacy

Come and feel free

Relying on our commitment and quality, hundreds of patients have been operated and experienced the improvement of their physical and emotional health and consequently of their own image and self-esteem.

Thus, we do not want to be alone in the words, come and take a close look at our services.

It will be great to have you with us, so your body will be in perfect harmony with your satisfaction and you, always good about life.


Institutional film of the Clínica Alexandre Diógenes (in Portuguese)


Virtual office

Nowadays when we have so little time, we are available to answer your questions through our site and social networks. So, you can rely on our team at your side whenever you need.

Security protocol

The Conselho Federal de Medicina (CFM) and the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica (SBCP) drew up a protocol with plastic surgery safety standards that must be followed strictly. We care with continuous updating and respect the safety regulations in force.

Preanesthetic visit

You will meet your anesthesiologist before the day of surgery, when you can get your questions answered about this procedure.

Facilitated payment

Make an assessment without compromise and meet our very attractive payment options.


During and after the surgery we use pneumatic compression stocking for prevention of venous thrombosis in lower limbs: another important ally for your safety.


When we introduced the Vibrolipo® (distributed by TG Med) in our routine, the patients now have a safer surgery and faster postoperative. The pneumatic system that vibrates the cannula in circular and longitudinal movements provides the removal of the fat uniformly, less traumatic and less bleeding. In this way, we have a more predictable retraction of the skin and a more harmonious result.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Vibrolipo
Vibrolipo®: postoperative better and faster

Monitoring System

During surgery we use the Monitor BIS™ (Covidien company product) which provides monitoring of the level of awareness with proven clinical evidence, allowing sedation objectively, providing more security - by preventing intra-operative awakening and giving comfort to the patient.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Monitor BIS™
Monitor BIS™, Covidien company product
Dr Frederico Fernandes | Monitor BIS™
Security and comfort to the patient during surgery


For your convenience postoperative offer chauffeured shuttle service from the hospital to your residence in the Mossoró City.


For patients outside Mossoró who need to stay more than 24 hours in the city in the postoperative period, we will provide 1 night in hotel as courtesy. For this to happen, it is important that we are communicated at least 3 weeks in advance.

Postoperative consultations included

You will have an attentive monitoring, with regular consultations at no additional cost for 30 to 45 days after surgery depending on the type of procedure performed.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Consultório na Clínica
Dr. Frederico Fernandes Office which you´ll clarify all your questions


In addition to the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frederico Fernandes, the clinic brings together a team of experts in other areas who are always ready to help:

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Dr Alexandre Diógenes


Dr. Alexandre Diógenes (CRO/RN 1907) is specialized in Orthodontics (EAP-ABO/RN), graduate degree in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics (SP) and a graduate degree in Preventive and interceptive orthodontics (EAP-ABO/RN). He is a Member of the Associação Brasileira de Ortodontia (ABOR) affiliated with World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO), besides accredited by Align Technology Invisalign/USA.

The Diógenes family has tradition in Dentistry since the decade of 1930. Pioneering in the segment began with the paternal grandfather. His father later also held that profession in Mossoró for over 36 years. Under the direction of Dr. Alexandre Diógenes, the clinic that bears his name has specialized professionals in the areas of Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics (appliances), aesthetics of the smile (laser whitening and fillings), implants, prostheses, endodontic (channel), Periodontics (gum) e oral rehabilitation.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Dra Carolina Diógenes


Dr. Carolina Diógenes (CRM/RN 4565) specializes in Mastology by Hospital Geral de Fortaleza (CE).

Updated and attentive, she is the only woman in the city mastologist. No one better to take care of you who really knows the importance of maintaining healthy and beautiful.

Dr Frederico Fernandes | Dra Juliana Moreira Dantas


Dr. Juliana Moreira Dantas (CRM/RN 3931) specializes in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and has the title of specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics by the Associação Médica Brasileira (AMB).

She takes care of women's health from childhood for the prevention and treatment of gynecological problems. She held consultations in gynecological endocrinology and menopause, contraception and prevention of cancer in women. All this she keeps constant updating scientific and modern appliances such as video colposcopy and surgery high frequency of cervix.

Your Body in Perfect Harmony

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